how we work

Retained Services

The Method

Our marketing consulting services are offered on retainer to a small group of select clients. We operate with complete discretion and have non-disclosure agreements in place to protect our clients’ interests. We focus on lead generation, brand awareness, and general sales and marketing support.

The Process

  1. Evaluation. Our initial meeting will help us determine whether or not we’re a fit. We’ll be working closely together so it’s important that there’s a solid starting point for a long-term business relationship and that we’re excited about your project and can deliver.

  2. Client Onboarding. The onboarding period is a trial month of services with no obligation to continue as a client on retainer. There’s a learning curve for every business and we’ll need to understand your business, your goals, the market, and your competition. 

  3. Monthly Retained Services. We limit the number of clients we have so that each client gets 100%, always. We’re working for you so you have  access to us on a daily basis as you would for an in-house marketing team. Either party can cancel 30 days before the start of the following month.

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